Corporate Gift Giving

Gift giving at the Holidays is not just a way to strengthen bonds with family and friends it can also reinforce relationships with business associates, customers and employees.

A recent survey, confirms what most small business owners already know: employees who receive holiday gifts from their employers show a 75% increase in morale, according to Staples Advantage of Framingham, MA-based office supply company.

Corporate holiday gifts can help companies build and extend brand loyalty, foster stronger business relationships and thank employees for a year of great work. According to the survey, employees said receiving holiday gifts from their companies:

  • Improved employee morale (75 percent)
  • Made employees like their company more (60 percent)
  • Improved employee productivity (33 percent)

The survey also found that goodwill doesn’t stop with employees as one in three people surveyed said receiving a gift from a business partner made them more likely to do business with that company in the future.

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