Lessons learned at the office microwave.

This week I decided to hard boil an egg in the office microwave…..not a good idea.

It seemed to make sense since a microwave can boil water and that’s all you need for a hardboiled egg. At about the six minute mark things were going good, the water was boiling and  the eggs were cooking.

At about the seven minute mark things took a turn for the worse….disaster is more accurate!! A loud explosion occurred inside the microwave blowing the door open, covering the kitchen walls, floor, fridge and coffee maker with shrapnel of hot eggs and shell!….oh! and the entire left side of my shirt and pants. The explosion was loud enough to gain the attention of the entire upstairs!  However, only one (my new favorite) decided to run down to see what in the world was going on.

Egg particle all over the place was bad enough; however, the worst part was the aroma throughout the whole office to the extent that we had to open doors and get fans to blow the smell out.

Surprisingly we had to replace the microwave and the new one has a sign on it “NO EGGS”. Lesson learned…..boil eggs on the stove!!!!

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