our company refrigerator

This weekend I cleaned out our company refrigerator; with no Hazmat suit as should have been required!

I found containers full or Blueberry’s and Raspberry’s that had enough white hair to qualify for a retirement community in Florida, if it was someone’s experiment, I’m sorry, if there was going to be an attempt to eat and get out of work for a few days, well then your plan as been thwarted. I found zip lock baggies that had unidentifiable contents that could have only been determined through DNA or Dental records! I found Thanksgiving leftovers not from this Thanksgiving…pretty sure from the one before.

You know how when you go out with a group of friends and no one eats the last slice of Pizza or takes the last Chicken Wing? Well here evidently no one uses the last teaspoon of Salad Dressing! I threw out bottles that combined couldn’t have taken care of a House Salad

I encourage fellow employees to bring food into the office as long as it’s not intended to die a long slow rotting death, if you want to do a home experiment. Please do it at home!

Now that the Refrigerator is clean and odorless free, except for a couple of anonymous Hard Boiled Eggs (which I’m sure will get their last revenge), next weekend it’s the Freezer!!….anybody have an Ice Pick!!?

Dave Sutherland
President / CEO

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