The Printed Calendar Is Still King

Birthdays, holidays, special days, any days. From the momentous to the mundane, the dates we can’t forget are recorded on our calendars.

But, in a world dominated by digital everything, does the printed version of our record keeping still have a place?

According to PPAI studies Calendar Usage In The Workplace and Calendar Usage In U.S. Households, the answer is absolutely.

A 1981 study conducted by the Calendar Advertising Council showed that printed calendars were a mainstay in the home and office. Fast forward three decades and not much has changed.

1981 98% of homes had a printed calendar and nearly every business had one
2011 79% of homes and 78% of businesses still have a printed
calendar—that’s only a 19% drop in 30 years and major advancements in technology
1981 70% of calendars at home and 80% at a business were advertising calendars
2011 61.4% of calendars at home and 76% at a business are still promotional vehicles
1981 There were nearly 4 calendars in the home and 2.5 at a business
2011 3 calendars in the home and 2 at a business


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