The Proven Staying Power of Promotional Products

A groundbreaking survey, released by ASI provides clear data proving the value and return of promotional products. The ASI Global Ad Impressions Study, which was conducted throughout 2012 in 12 cities, shows that ad specialties have a better cost-per-impression (.6 cents) than nearly every other advertising medium.

Other key aspects of the survey are how consumers view advertisers after receiving a promotional item and how long products are kept. “The average promotional product is kept for 5.8 months,” said Melinda Ligos, the editor-in-chief of ASI’s magazines.

Terry McGuire, senior vice president of marketing for Halo Branded Solutions says “This clearly shows that people who receive promotional products tend to see the advertiser’s message for a long time. That’s a powerful selling point.”

The survey shows that 87% of consumers can name and remember the advertiser on the promotional items that they’ve kept. “That statistic alone would be vital to all buyers,” McGuire said. “Everything we’re trying to do is to get clients to see that promotional products help marketers to get their brands noticed. This proves that’s the case.”


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